Join our whale shark encounters

Kitu Kiblu offers half-day trips to individuals and groups who wish to view (and usually have close-up, relaxed encounters with) wild whale sharks, learn about their biology and ongoing conservation issues and efforts.


  • Pick up from your hotel ….unless you are staying with us at KituKiblu Beach Lodge
  • Breakfast and educational briefing at our camp
  • Paper work and fitting quality snorkel gear
  • Whale shark search on a traditional sailing dhow
  • Snorkel and photography/videography with the giants
  • Return to camp for debrief, showers and refreshments
  • Return to your hotel (unless you are already staying with us on Mafia Island, then the trip is 30% cheaper)

We are open from October 1st to March but may open earlier if whale sharks are already feeding on the surface.

To book please contact your tour operator, hotel, lodge or SCUBA operator on Mafia and ask for us or contact us directly at, or call us on +255 784520799 or +255 787712427

Irresponsible tourism can have very negative consequences. Animals are hit by speeding boats and their feeding disrupted by people jumping in front and on top of them. They arechazed, harassed, molested and ridden by unscrupulous operators and their passengers. Even tourists are endangered by speeding boats and people congestion. The whale shark code of conduct seeks to control this and mitigate negative impacts and ensure that you have a quality experience. At KituKiblu we use the international whale shark code of conduct and take further measures to ensure that our interactions are safe, non-disruptive and respectful. We implore you to insist that any operator you use informs you of the code of conduct, adheres to it and controls the wayward behavior of their clients and makes every effort to stick to the speed limit.

At Kitu Kiblu we anticipate where animals will aggregate and then by exercising patience and respect, we are able to offer a high-quality interactive experience, where the animals are not touched, chased, threatened, disrupted or harmed and they can be viewed up-close in an unstressed manner whereby they often become inquisitive and occasionally even playful.

We are proud to pioneer this practice and hope to encourage more operators to adopt our methodology.