Mafia Island Whale Shark Diving


Kitu Kiblu is a responsible whale shark encounter operator on Mafia Island, Tanzania, East Africa.
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About us

Whale sharks aggregate in the channel between Mafia Island and mainland Africa and are easily seen surface feeding, usually between September and March, providing an opportunity to study and interact with them.

Kitu Kiblu runs half-day encounter trips allowing visitors to interact with whale sharks in a safe, relaxed and respectful way. The encounter trips are launched from the KituKiblu Beach Lodge, Kilindoni, Mafia Island. We run internship programs, for those with an interest in marine conservation looking to gain skills and experience working at sea.



About Whale Sharks

The whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is the world’s largest fish reaching over 20 meters (65 feet) in length. They are cartilaginous fish, not mammals, and their name refers to their size and diet of plankton.

They are cartilaginous fish, not mammals, and their name refers to their size and diet of plankton.

Despite their spectacular size they are very docile and do not harm humans. The only predators of whale sharks are orcas, white sharks and humans.


Join our Whale Shark Encounters

Kitu Kiblu offers half-day trips to individuals and groups who wish to view (and have close-up, relaxed encounters with) wild whale sharks, learn about their biology and ongoing conservation issues and efforts.

We are open from October 1st to March but may open earlier if whale sharks are already feeding on the surface. To book please contact your tour operator, hotel, lodge or SCUBA operator on Mafia and ask for us or contact us directly at, or call us on +255784520799 or +255 787712427



Internship Opportunities

Kitu Kiblu offers internship programs for those interested in whale shark conservation or seeking training and experience in marine conservation and tourism. This program is a unique opportunity to interact with whale sharks on a daily basis.

Interns complete appropriate in-house courses and skills training and then work alongside our whale shark tour guides to plan and execute daily whale shark tourism excursions, learn to sail and operate boats, participate in and manage tourist participation in the spot-pattern photo ID project. They also have the opportunity to work alongside visiting marine biologists on whale shark research projects and everyone is expected to be actively involved in our rural development activities.


KituKiblu Beach Accommodation

Budget Accomodation
From: $50.00 per person per night
(VAT included)

Tents in stilt houses on the beach.
Electrical charge points, lights and fans in all tents.
Shared bathrooms and toilets.

* Half Board: Bed and breakfast, with dinner OR Lunch
Full board available upon request

* Peak season surcharge